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Praise for Sand of the Arena and The Fight For Rome

"For this first entry in a new series, debut novelist Duffy recreates in gory detail the world of Roman gladiators, complete with larger-than-life characters and plenty of fast-paced, sanguinary action... (an) entertaining read."

- Publishers Weekly

"Well researched and exciting."

- Library Journal

"Duffy combines a sure sense of character and narrative with an extraordinary knowledge of the world of the Roman arena. It's an exciting, thrilling novel. I'm looking forward to more in the series."

- John Maddox Roberts, Author,
SPQR historical fiction series

"An action-packed, head-spinning ride... Duffy writes with enthusiasm, and his affection for his gladiators shines through on every page."

- Nicolas Nicastro, Author,
The Isle of Stone: A Novel of Ancient Sparta &
Empire of Ashes: A Novel of Alexander The Great

"Just when you thought you've read everything there is about the Roman gladiator, along comes Sand of the Arena to galvanize the genre."

- Ted McKeever, Writer/Artist,
Batman-Dark Knight; Eddy Current; Metropol

author novelist
James Duffy novelist
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