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Common Gladiator Misconceptions

TV interview with Jim discussing Gladiators of the Empire

Promo for Sand of the Arena

Gladiators of the Empire

Gladiators of the Empire is an action-packed, two-part adventure series that follows the exploits of three unorthodox arena heroes who unexpectedly rise to legendary status in the amphitheaters of the Roman Empire.

  • Quintus Honorius Romanus, also known as Taurus in the arena: A primus palus-ranked gladiator who has learned to harness an inner power and lightning speed that makes him the most feared and venerated arena fighter in ancient Rome.
  • Amazonia: One of the first female gladiators of the Empire, popular for combining the traditional style of gladiatorial combat with her extraordinary street fighting skills. Her hot temper is surpassed only by her statuesque beauty.
  • Lindani: The best of the arena animal hunters. As a child in Ethiopia the tribal elders nurtured his special gift... the ability to think as the animals think and fight as the animals fight.

The lives of these three electrifying, colorful characters entwine with the events and larger-than-life historical figures that made Rome in the 1st century AD one of the most fascinating, exotic, and dangerous places in history.

Sand of the Arena Book 1: Sand of the Arena
Sand of the Arena is a "prince and the pauper" story that plays out in the arenas of ancient Rome. A rich Roman, Quintus Romanus, has his identity stolen by his conniving slave, Lucius Calidius, after a shipwreck kills Quintus' family. The epic adventure that follows sends Quintus across the Roman Empire in search of a new life and a new family. He finds both in the gladiatorial schools and arenas of Britannia, Rome, and Pompeii where he develops strong bonds with Lindani, an Ethiopian arena hunter, and Amazonia, one of the first female gladiators in the Empire. Quintus' rise to primus palus status, the best of the best among gladiators, is paralleled by the rise of his arch-rival, Lucius, in Imperial politics. As both reach the top of their game, they clash once again in a final battle that settles all scores. Set against the turbulent and erotic setting of Nero's Empire, Sand of the Arena is a tale of graphic arena battles, family devotion, friendship, and vengeance.

The Fight For Rome Book 2: The Fight For Rome
Set against the Roman Civil War of A.D. 69.
When Nero is forced to commit suicide, the resulting power struggle escalates to civil war and one of the most violent and chaotic years in the history of the Roman Empire. To claim the throne, an aggressive governor, Marcus Otho, reinforces the Praetorian Guard with gladiators and forces them to fight the Roman legions as mercenaries. Quintus, Amazonia, and Lindani are caught up in the bloody violence, with no choice but to fight for their lives. But working covertly behind the scenes, they secretly play a key role in guiding the course of the Empire. And while the battle to save Rome rages, Quintus is once again pitted in a personal struggle against his arch-rival, Lucius Calidius, who has risen from the ashes and once again wields power in the Empire.

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James Duffy novelist
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